Ray of Hope

Let’s say hello!

Image Source: unknown

In a world full of numerous lives, humans often feel lonely in crowd. Loneliness is becoming a potential future threat for the civilization. In many research globally, it is often concluded that non communicable diseases are emerging as most encountered ones.

But have you ever imagined what is the reason behind this? The major issue with most of us is that we are not internally happy or we consider our lives as a baggage or we aren’t satisfied with ourselves, our life, or those surrounding us. This in turn make us more aloof and lonely. We feel sad. This emotional low triggers our physical fitness. Due to our prolonged, continuous stressed and depressed condition, we give invitation to someone. Not humans, but to the diseases and illness. And it’s a vicious cycle, until and unless we help ourselves, we just keep on walking in the darkness.

The above image holds a truth. We are not alone. Believe it, we do have a lot of well wishers. It is just people (all of us) are so preoccupied and engrossed in our not so busy lives that we have no time for others. Sometimes it is irony that we have time for technology and gadgets but not for real living humans and nature.

In India, there was a very good culture where everyone used to wake up before the rising sun. Left for work by the sunrise. Each one performed all the tasks dutifully and cheerfully. Then took out the time to cherish the handmade chapatis and sometimes raw onion or any local vegetable with some jaggery (gud). Thereafter by sunset all were back home. Had dinner. Thereafter people sat in groups outside of their houses. They had discussions, chats amongst themselves. Also, they used to sing songs, crack jokes and had fun during this sociological interaction. This is still practiced in few parts of real rural villages of India.

This lifestyle of rural India was the essence of physical well-being and long lives of people. They had a social life apart from individual life. Today, our life is much easy and sorted, but we have missed an essential component of our life – the social aspect.

There is this proverb “Man is a social animal.” Yes, we are and our mind, heart and soul needs interactions to be happy and lively. It charges our discharged batteries just like a charger.

Year 2020 is approaching. Why not we just adopt a small part of rural Indian lifestyle? Let’s interact wholeheartedly. Okay, we can’t spend each day sitting outside of our homes. But we surely can call or meet one person. Don’t talk for hours. Just tell the person that you remembered him or her today. Make the person happy and glad. Let the person feel special for that day. Let the person live the real life that day. Let the person know that there is someone who is around and that he is not alone. Life is a circle, start and take the initiative. One day no wonder you will also get a call to feel special.

Come let’s go back to our valuable, natural, scientific and worthy rural lifestyle to be healthy and cheerful once again.