Fly High

Oh Almighty, let me spread my wings, so wide that they glide through the locks of air to soar me high on my path ahead.


किसी ने चंद बेहतरीन पंक्तियां कही हैं (Someone has recited following great lines):

मुकाम तो वो चाहिए, कि…
जिस दिन भी हार जाऊं,
जीत खुद आ कर कहे…
माफ़ करना मज़बूरी थी !

– Anonymous

Dream and strive ahead, it’s ok to fail!

“I dream and I am made that ways”, said the brain. Man replied, “No, you are not allowed to as you don’t think about difficulties, adventures, challenges or for that matter the failures before dreaming.”

Most of us have experienced the above scenario at one or the other point of life. The way we deal and react in the situation sets our journey. Our future rests on one small powerful decision. It makes or breaks us.

Why is the thing we fear about? Why many of us don’t dream? Why we are afraid of failures, shortcomings? Why we look forward to only a well settled plan and if there is a minutest problem, our world is topsy-turby?

Let us take each thing one by one.


It’s essential to dream. When we dream, we are indirectly honing the analytical skills of our brain. And so, the more it practices, the better it becomes. Initially, a dream may sound weird or out of the box, but it is ok. At least your mind is trying hard to utilise it’s potentials. Secondly you never know your dream may convert into reality with all perseverance and effort. Also, by constructive dreaming, one may get to know more about himself or herself. There will be more clarity in life. One can learn many things from experiences.

Fear of failure

Failures are the stepping stones to success. If someone is failing, the person is far better than those who are not even trying. For winning anything, one needs to step in the arena. When one will tire oneself, his or her sweat and blood will flow , only then the chances of success can develop.

Remember failures are one of the best mentors. They guide us towards our potentials, the areas to brush upon, new avenues to venture upon, our traits and personality, our mistakes. Failures are like the analysis in mid journey.

And journey is never ever restricted to one goal or path. Our life in itself is a journey. We need to understand that each day is a new day, a new beginning, a new chance to start afresh. Each day has one or few goals to deal with, each day we either win or miss few things. Our whole life is a combination of numerous uncountable goals to be dearmt or succeded about.

Don’t restrict yourself in the shanties and bondages of restricted thinking. I would like to write self written lines which often give me strength to rise again after each failure:

“ए इंसान, ये ज़िन्दगी का परवाना है,
यहां रोज़ संभलना और संभल के गिरना,
और गिर के फिर उठ जाना है।
मजबूरियां भी होंगी, कठिनाइयां भी होंगी,
किन्तु तुमको चलते जाना है।
चुनतियों को पार करना है,
और हिमालय की चोटी पर ,
अपने साहस का परचम लहराना है।

Here is a motivational video, please have a look at it. It is quite inspiring and reminds us to introspect. The best lines in this are:

“Imagine you are on your death bed and standing around your death bed are the ghosts representing your unfulfilled potential, the ghosts of the ideas you never acted on, the ghosts of the talents you didn’t use. And they are standing around your bed, angry, disappointed and upset. They say we came to you because you could have brought us to life and now we have to go to the grave together.
So I ask you today,how many ghosts are going to be around your bed when your time comes?”

Get Set Go!

Arise, awake and do not stop until the goal is reached!

                                                                                 Swami Vivekanand

Long back, the above lines were quoted by Swami Vivekanand to motivate the people to rise again and not to quit. Humans are designed to take chances, learn and not to be disheartened with the shortcomings. Success and failures are the parts of life and go hand in hand. Both are necessary as they give learning in life.

With the declaration of UPSC results (or any other exam), some aspirants are disappointed and sad. It’s a normal reaction when things go wrong. But the need of the hour is to come out of this mode and discontinue this phase. This exam requires a lot of dedication, to such an extent that if one does not succeed, one feels that everything is lost. No, it’s not! One must know that any exam is not the life, instead the truth is that life has many facets out of which one is known as exam.

Before moving ahead, consider the following case. Suppose you are given a responsibility of installation of the new LED light bulbs in an area. There are two alternatives available out of which one is to be opted:

Scenario 1: You will install all LED’s on poles situated at one place, so that it will emit the brightest light.

Scenario 2: You will survey the area. Choose different locations to install all the LED’s separately, such that the area where the light of one bulb ends another bulb’s light reaches.

            In the above two scenarios, most of us will choose the case two. Why? It will shine and brighten up the whole area equally and fruitfully. Right?

Let us assume that those bulbs are the brilliant and intelligent minds who had been employed only in one profession, what positive impact and change it might have created? Certainly, a lot, but in a restricted setup. That is, all the development will take place in one particular area. It will make an impact but in restriction. Similarly, if everyone is an IAS or IPS officer, who will be an efficient doctor, engineer, teacher, entrepreneur, writer, NGO worker, journalist etc., society needs all of them.

            On the other hand, if the people are employed in different occupations, uniformly, as given in scenario two. What will be the scene? There will be holistic development. The different institutions of a system will work coherently. And so, the progress will be at fast pace.

This signifies that, if one field has closed its doors for you, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. There are many more avenues eagerly waiting for a person like you. Other sectors also need those brilliant minds with selfless service and noble missions. If you have a finer and nobler objective to choose as an occupation don’t worry, you will achieve it. But for that, you must buck up yourself. You must again stand and survey the possibilities. Have immense confidence in yourself, so that you can start afresh.

          Just think, if the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi ji would have been satisfied to continue only as a lawyer, could he ever bring the remarkable change in Indian history? He had a responsibility to take decision not only for himself but also for the masses. It was a tough task to do with dwindling probabilities. But the halts could not bound him in chains of sadness and despair, because he had the larger dream of “free nation” always twinkling in his eyes.

            If Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam in his childhood had thought that he would dwell only in the limitations of his childhood, just as an ordinary fellow, he might never have created history in the world of science and for the entire country. As an eminent scientist he introduced a new direction to the space programs and as an efficient President, he shaped the future of the country for a better tomorrow and inspired millions of young minds.

Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realise the great life.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

One can argue well these heroes are the matters of the past and may be rare among millions! What about the present time?

            Let us remember that Dr Prakash Amte and Dr Mandakini Amte have been living in interior part of Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra for 46 years. Despite being doctors with a bright future ahead, they chose to live very humbly among the unknown, the most neglected and downtrodden tribe Madia Gonds (living in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra and some parts of neighbouring states of Telangana and Madhya Pradesh). They had altogether different culture, lifestyle and language. The views of societal benefit and community development of both Amtes, their strong determination and the constant hard work reformed the tribal community towards a better and happier life.

       An engineer and education reformist Sonam Wangchuk founded Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) in Ladakh in 1988. After his graduation he went back and opened the above-mentioned school for the training and shaping the minds of future, the children. He introduced the unique educational system, based and linked with daily observations, structured upon the base of practical approach.

            The list is never exhausted. India is a land of many sung and unsung heroes who always stood up after failures, chose the roads less travelled, brainstormed the alternatives and brought prosperity in their chosen fields. Look around yourself and you will find millions of people in different fields (viz teachers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, social workers, farmers, even a housewife etc) with noble missions, bringing about the change.

If the dream is big and noble, aiming towards a positive change, whatsoever may be the area, the impact will certainly be visible. The only thing is you require immense faith in yourself. You have the potentials to achieve great goals of life. Setbacks and failures are part of life. Even a child learns to walk only by falling again and again, overcoming his/her fears. Don’t be afraid of hard work and tough times ahead, because the field which you pursued so far was equally tough and needed hard work.

            Don’t give up as you have the potentials and the “right will” (one of the preaching of the Gautam Buddha’s Ashtangika Marg). What is desired, is self-belief and right action. Brainstorm afresh and choose the right direction, pursue it wholeheartedly and dedicate yourself totally. It is not as easy task, but not impossible either.

The journey is never comfortable for the heroes!

            It is true that many times you might feel demotivated, don’t worry, it is mere a phase, a cycle of life, will pass soon. “Waqt ye bhi guzar jayega!

Be patient with time, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Meanwhile be hopeful and positive minded.

Don’t let your spirits be low, as your dreams are still waiting for you! The bright future is eager to welcome you.

Your dream still believes on you and is sitting alone for your company.

Rise, stand, run towards it with greater courage and determination and take your dreams with you to the future you imagined.

Always Remember:

 It's OK to fall,
It's OK to fail,
It's OK to encounter shortcomings.
It's NOT OK to not to rise again,
It's NOT OK to not to try again,
It's NOT OK to not to have another chance,
It's NOT OK to consider yourself a sufferer.
Rise upright,
Be a Warrior,
Be a Winner,
And empower your dreams,
Because they are waiting for you!

Let us learn from Sarojini Naidu’s always inspiring and motivating lines, whenever we find ourselves in tough times:

                                     Behold! I rise to meet the destined spring,
                                    And scale the stars upon my broken wing!

                                                                                    Sarojini Naidu