I Do Dream

Yes I am a human,
And I do dream.

Dream of success and happiness,
Dream to build a better tomorrow. 

A tomorrow with no worries,
Tomorrow build on exponential path.

But, path is uncertain and tough,
Path- the less or untravelled.

Untravelled roads are my life,
Untravelled journeys give a confidence.

Confidence at times get shattered, 
Confidence is questioned by own fears.

Fears of failures and falling back,
Fears of unknown future & mocking society. 

Society which gives free advice without asking, 
Society which has a book of own perceptions. 

Why? Why I need to confirm perceptions, 
Why I can't have my own ideas?

An idea which has a free spirit,
Idea which explores and unravel the truth.

Truth which is unbiased,
Truth- moved by dreams and desires.

A desire to prove myself,
Desire which is pure and intoxicating. 

Intoxicating so that I overcome my fears,
Intoxicating so that I may not loose focus.

Focus to aim, prepare, stand and hit,
Focus to trust thyself and be headstrong. 

Headstrong to not succumb to adversity, 
Headstrong to rise again when none believes.

Belief- an ingredient at times missing, 
Belief vanishes when in fear and self-doubt.

Self-doubt, a boulder in success,
Self-doubt- an enemy of human.

Yes I am a human who fears,
But also a human who is proud.

Proud of own dreams and hidden potentials,
Proud of experiences learned from failures,
Proud of observing life of austerity and adventure, 
Proud of passing through the zigzag maze,
Proud of being a self built warrior,
Proud to shape own future and shine again.

Dear friend

Dear friend, times are tough and dull. I know, you are trying hard to make everything fall at right place, but it isn’t happening.

Don’t you worry as this will change. Fresh air will fill up your life, replacing the baggage and burdens. Once again, the life will present you with its vivid beauty. There will be liveliness, cheerfulness and peace all around. Your hardwork and efforts will reap into a giant tree.

Meanwhile two things you need to hold which are patience and hope. Have patience, continue to live each day with positivity and hold your hope very strongly in addition to it. It’s always motivating to have dreams, do dream. Do you know why? It is because dreams act like blueprints of your project named “life”. Hope gives you confidence to execute it. Patience acts like a catalyst to move just a little bit more.

Self clicked

Believe it, there is the rising Sun, waiting for you just a little far away, I can see it. Its eagerly waiting for you to meet. Its having full faith in you and so is alone standing there. I too am having faith on you. Come, hold me and walk!

When we will reach there we will see the beautiful world. From there the sky will be more blue with a reddish tinge. The birds will fill in melodious music in the background. The nature will be lively, colouring vibrance in the landscape. We will feel serenity and peace comforting us. You and me sitting on top of a hill along with the rising reddish orange sun will cherish the happiness and contentment embracing us.

Source: unknown

With all my love

Your heart!