Ray of Hope

Happy New Year!


“It was a tough time when we measured the road with our legs from big cities to our village”, sighed a man.

“But Kamla didi never gave up and motivated all women to get self-sufficient and empowered”, another man proudly complemented. Everyone nodded.

“Corona made us to come back to our village”, said a woman.
“Tough situations let us to embrace traditional earthen pot making as per modern designer requirements”, added another woman.

“In this way, we also saved our Mother Earth from piles of plastic. Never loose hope. Tough times build people. Today we are proud of ourselves and eager for year 2021 to come. Naya Saal, Naya Aayam, Nayi Umeed” said the hopeful Kamla.
Everyone continued to sing the folk songs on the eve of new year.

Happy New Year!

My book Pristine Emotions

Hello all,

Let me unfold a wonderful surprise. I proudly present my ‘first individual upcoming book as an independent author, Pristine Emotions‘. It will take you on a memorable journey of positivity and solace. Launching soon internationally.

Please share this with your family and friends.

Letter to Elders

Who will walk on the right path?

Declining status of air quality in India’s capital New Delhi and the neighbouring areas is the periodic phenomena that occurs in more or less same months every year. The causes and solutions are mostly known to everyone. Yet we are unable to manage and implement the solutions. These solutions are also eco-friendly and if implemented will be beneficial economically and culturally in longer run for the nation, it’s people and nature.

With the result only chaos prevails, the vulnerables are more prone and exposed to numerous fatal diseases. There is rise in those health problems which could be delayed or avoided, if timely and proper measures were taken.

There is a big question which most of us ask to one another. Who will walk on the right path practicing right measures? A blame game begins where we just pass the “ball of responsibility” from government to farmers to citizens to process to media and so on. So at the end nothing much is done, year passes and comes the next year posing the similar issues again.

Who will take the initiative? It’s high time that instead of passing the “ball of responsibility“, we become little bit selfish and take this initiative of “rectifying and avoiding the existing phenomena.”