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Saving our Home: the Earth

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) from number 13 to number 15 are directly related to Climate change. SDG number 13 is “Climate Action“; SDG number 14 is “Life Below Water“; SDG number 15 is “Life On Land“.

Many international conventions are functioning under Conference of Parties, which is a governing body and constantly working on the climate change and it’s related issues. But the sad fact is that there have been several meetings, conventions or conferences, we still are unable to act proactively to save the climate of our home ie the Earth.

Climate change is not a one time event or a slow periodic long time event. It is happening at a fast pace every nanoseconds. We are sometimes so busy in niche matters of our life, that we are unable to address the changes related to nature.

Those who are of minimum 20 years of age and above, just take out some free time and try to analyse is the weather of our vicinity is occurring at the same pace. Are the local plant and animal species retaining their counts or have entered in the extinct or threatened categories of IUCN’s Red list. Is the food production sufficiently available for all; are the healthy air and water quality parameters maintained; are the environment related health diseases have shown an increase; what is the graph of neonatal birth and death rates etc. There is a long never ending list and is easily visible all around us at any place.

It’s high time that our generation has to act in a sensible, learned, responsible and matured way to address both the already existing issues and the emerging ones. We have to act proactively rather than being reactive. Today our planet is at the edge of a sharp, deep cliff and majorly due to the non serious, disturbing human interventions and actions. There are many sufferers of this- one is the dependent flora and fauna species other than humans; two is the future generations to come.

Often there is a counter point to this debate of saving the climate and thereby Earth that “what can a single person’s action change?” There is a common saying in India “a single drop when collected leads to a sea.” This is exactly applicable here one person’s action will surely multiply to many and may be numerous. The only thing is we as a sensible individual must think, act and play our role to save this great planet which blessed us in numerous ways.

Lastly there is the following link where NASA has shown the images of climate change. Please have a look at this, what we have done and still are in the process of doing:


A very small video clip is attached further. Now you decide what you want and wish to gift to future generations: either the NASA’s shown facts or this beautiful earth in the following video:

Source: National Geographic Channel