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Three Bodies of Human Being (Part 1)

Human being is the most beautiful creation done by the Almighty. No one is able to create a similar replica till date. We also haven’t explored the human body and it’s behaviour, systems wholly.

There is science beyond science. A human body is made up of three systems which can also be called as three bodies, namely:

  • Physical body
  • Emotional body
  • Spiritual body

Physical body

A physical body is the physiology of a human being as seen and felt through naked eyes or any related technological machine. It is tangible in nature. Our systems such as digestive, respiratory etc, mind, heart, limbs etc all comprise the physical body. I’ll not go into much detail in this section.

Emotional Body

Emotional body comprises of our feelings, thoughts, set of emotions such as anger, joy, stress, sadness, enthusiasm etc all form our emotional body. Most of the set of emotions are dealt by the endocrine system.

Spiritual Body

Here comes the part, of which many might not be having much knowledge. Or sometimes this seems unbelievable to exist. But each one of us, do have a spiritual body inside us as well. The spiritual body consists of seven power centres or chakras, three main channels or nadis and one Kundalini.

The Kundalini

Most of us can get confuse Kundalini with the Kundli. But both of them are totally two different things. The Kundalini is the three and a half coiled shaped energy, placed inside sacrum bone. It is similar to a memory chip with endless space. It stores the data related to our life, not only present life but of all previous lives. It guides us in our journey. It depends on the person that his or her Kundalini is in dormant or active state. Kundalini enters a child’s body in the Mother’s womb. It is so powerful that it cleanses each chakra and empowers this power centre of body. It moves swiftly, destroys any negative or ill effects including physical diseases, inside our body.

The Chakras or Power Centres

Each chakra is govern by a deity. It is often said that all the Gods of this world are within you. That’s true. All the power and the God is also established in each individual. What matters is whether you are able to feel it and thereby believe it. I won’t be going into much detail about which deity governs which chakra in this blog. Yet, I would give a brief about the linkage between the emotional body and the chakras. It will be easier to understand the seven chakras, if you imagine your spinal cord while reading further.

  • Mooladhar Chakra: At the last bone of the spine is the first chakra, the Mooladhar chakra. As the name suggest this chakra forms the basis of all. This chakra has a unique power which is Innocence (or abhodita in hindi). A person ‘s innocence and simplicity is governed by this chakra.
  • Swadishthan Chakra: It is the second chakra, above the mooladhar. It is situated in the middle lower abdomen part. This chakra govern the Creativity of a person. All the good artists of the world have this chakra in active state. Apart from arts and its related forms, studies, work, household chores etc are also other types of creativity. So, those whose this chakra is active, they perform quite uniquely.

To be continued….