I Fell in Love

Today at night,
Walking on roof.
While strolling over,
I fell in love.

Yes, I fell in love,
With the dazzling city.
The view was amazing, 
As if twinkling stars in sky.

Peace of the silence,
Whispered in my ears,
Relax and enjoy,
You missed this all years.

Green, orange and yellow,
Waving me greetings.
Alone I was walking, 
Yet conversation started.

Shared with me,
Joys, passions, sorrows,
Needs, wants, lie, mistakes,
Fun, hope, dreams and few secrets.

Admiringly I asked,
The serene city. 

"Were you this beautiful,
Or I saw it today?
How peaceful and relaxing,
Blend of bricks and greenery."

The city smiled,
Pleasing winds answered.

"Was beautiful alike,
All these years. 
Its only you, 
who was blind.
Entangled in busy life
Schedule and deadlines.
Now your life is standstill,
So you fell in love with it."

- Sneha

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