The Morning Friends

I woke up with the alarming clock telling me that, “It’s time to wake up dear. We, your friends are waiting for you.” I smiled and took a view outside the window. “Good Morning friends!”, as I whispered to them, they started sharing their comforting and encouraging virtues.

The clock initiated, “Always keep a track of each second, don’t loose the hold. Hold time with it’s head and you will succeed.”

As I stepped outside, the night was converting into early dawn and the view was amazingly beautiful. They waved and said, “Be beautiful inside out like us. Maintain a perfect harmony and balance like us. Embrace the change wholeheartedly as it will bring a better version of yours always.”

The Moon was fading and dull, almost invisible. I felt bad for its condition. Even then it smiled and corrected me, “No my dear! Never feel low. Time will be tough, there will be failures. But you must not forget, when courage is in heart, there is always chance to rise again. It’s a temporary phase which will pass out. Meanwhile prepare, work on yourself and come again with a bang. Like I will meet you at night again.”

The fresh air filled me with freshness all around. It whispered to me, “Be fresh and lively like me. Take in the positivity and spread it all around, people need it.”

The benign cool temperature embraced me and gestured, “Spread the warmth of love of your heart unconditionally to the whole world, humans and nature collectively. Forgive and forget all. You are like me just give comfort to others.” I asked, “But what about me? When someone hurt me, how can I spread love?” It answered, “The ones with pure heart and noble mind are always protected. Don’t worry about who did what, you follow your path, the nature will perform it’s justice.”

By that time my cute little melodious friends was hopping around me. “Hey, come lets enjoy! Be like us, childlike, joyful, filled with hope and melody. The joy keeps us young and adorable. The hope keeps us motivated that by the evening we will surely get something for our living. And the sweet voice makes up the day of anyone or everyone we meet. Even if you perform a small task, do it well. It doesn’t matter that the work you performed was small or big. What matters is how effectively and efficiently you executed it and how proud are you on that work”, said the birds.

I cheerfully started my morning with my friends, playing, giggling and chatting with one another. It was the time for me to start the daily chores.

As I was about to leave, an insightful voice came from behind. I turned and my eyes broadened with brightness. It was the Sun!

“Going without meeting me?”, it questioned. “How can I?”, I answered. The Sun said, “I know, I am a bit late today. Actually I was not. I was hiding behind the clouds and was waiting for my turn to come. Friend, don’t forget to shine! Be confident and have self belief like me. Be disciplined and focussed, aim the goal and hit it. Be persistent like me, for there will surely be a day when your bright shine will fill all this universe. Just keep going!”

And with the precious surprising gifts given by my friends, I started the day.

The Innocently Powerful Prayer

Glowing Sunrise

“I bow to you and your supreme power.

Please brighten my body inside out and my aura similar to your brightness.

Let me be disciplined and dedicated to whatever work I take in my hands, just like you.

Sharpen my weapons- confidence, agility and courage like you do yours.

Hold my hand and guide me through the narrow and confusing maze to reach my goals.

Eliminate the roadblocks, negativity by burning, illuminate and clear my path with your rays.

Solitude and self dependence are the characteristics we have common, bless me to be like you, Oh mighty with all love and care inside you!

Kindly bestow me with your precious blessings to be like you, under you and for you”, prayed the little hands, long hair and innocent eyes.

Smiling Sun extending his blissful rays answered, “Amen!”

Dear friend

Dear friend, times are tough and dull. I know, you are trying hard to make everything fall at right place, but it isn’t happening.

Don’t you worry as this will change. Fresh air will fill up your life, replacing the baggage and burdens. Once again, the life will present you with its vivid beauty. There will be liveliness, cheerfulness and peace all around. Your hardwork and efforts will reap into a giant tree.

Meanwhile two things you need to hold which are patience and hope. Have patience, continue to live each day with positivity and hold your hope very strongly in addition to it. It’s always motivating to have dreams, do dream. Do you know why? It is because dreams act like blueprints of your project named “life”. Hope gives you confidence to execute it. Patience acts like a catalyst to move just a little bit more.

Self clicked

Believe it, there is the rising Sun, waiting for you just a little far away, I can see it. Its eagerly waiting for you to meet. Its having full faith in you and so is alone standing there. I too am having faith on you. Come, hold me and walk!

When we will reach there we will see the beautiful world. From there the sky will be more blue with a reddish tinge. The birds will fill in melodious music in the background. The nature will be lively, colouring vibrance in the landscape. We will feel serenity and peace comforting us. You and me sitting on top of a hill along with the rising reddish orange sun will cherish the happiness and contentment embracing us.

Source: unknown

With all my love

Your heart!