Existence of the Superficial Words of Empowerment in the Veiled World.

We live in 21st century which is now largely digitized with modern setup and numerous free speeches related to equality and awareness about women empowerment in India.
But have we achieved it holistically or do we believe in it? Or it is sheer work of using meaningless words by tongue and mouth without dedication?
Of course, women don’t need a “Certificate of Appreciation” from their opposite sex to prove themselves. Also, the comparision is not necessary as both the factors play a balanced and necessary role in society and its sustenance.

Yet the sad fact which exists even today is that in the era of Modern India is that the patriarchy and male chauvinism are still breathing and living in open. Women are often judged and criticized for their roles and responsibilities. They and their work are being negated. They are being compared and considered as “the secondary citizens in family“, ” the shadows“, “the ones with no or less important work, “the weaker or lesser humans” or the burdens with easy life and little roles“.

It is also expected from women to say to please the another gender or else to be their dumb voiceless puppets“.

In the mad race of getting rewarded and appreciated from their counterparts, they often compete within themselves, downgrade the same gender to qualify the false and dubious standards of the unbalanced world.

This plight of women is living since the ancient India till today, only the difference with the time is that the people are more literate with degrees, the standard of living is changed, the language English has largely replaced Hindi, women are largely educated, preferably professionally qualified, the family status and incomes have risen, the conversion of villages and small cities to the larger cities with high class facilities and exquisite lifestyles is rapid, the technology is the daily necessity and the debates, programs, semi/webinars related to women and related issues have increased exponentially.

Yet we still dive deeply in the lows of shallow mentality of women criticism, mockery and comparision. And the sad fact is that as we progress the status graph from BPL to low income status to middle class to higher class, we encounter incement in the patriarchy and related undervaluing of women.
A great sociological thinker once said the only cause behind this hidden fact is that due to the intact values and culture, the high class women are less open and expressive to addressing this issue openly in public and vice versa in other case due to societal fear.

The question is mere conducting events, talks, interviews related to an issue are enough or the practice of equality is necessary wholeheartedly, from family to society? It should be soul believed issue and not a outer world forcible issue. What we say must be practicised and not vice versa. There is no issue of comparison which is necessary.

We must not forget that both the genders are humans with own importance in the world. Let them live and cherish their life jointly, with their intact self respect rather than comparing and downgrading one or the other by devaluing and snatching the joys of life.

P. S.

  1. This criticism is not applicable to all males. It is related to anyone be it male or female who practices this spineless practice.
  2. Also, there are few women who utilize this matter of concern for their personal benefits which is of course derogatory in itself.

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Sharing my write-up which was provided a space on the great platform of erudites. This is an article, “Bhakti Movement: Societal Transformation through Literary Spiritualism.”

This is written in the background of era of Bhakti Movement in India from 7th century to 19th century. It highlights the positive points of bhakti movement and whether they are still applicable in today’s or future world.

History, if read with no previous perceptions or judgements, always gifts a few take aways. These are the virtues and principles of sustenance for the society. Any society in this world, if makes a genuine notes of it’s and other society’s past, can manage and overcome the hardships, bottlenecks, the matters of conflict, the ill conditions, sufferings, times of danger, negative issues prevailing in society etc. in a better manner.

History was what was present, the present thoughts, results, solutions and possibilities of past human. History is just the reflection of thoughts.

It depends, if one learns from it and progress or just treat it as a dull, lifeless subject of no importance in present world. This will hold true till man lives. Great societies sustained as they assessed and learned from their past, adopted, modified and corrected in the present context.