My book Pristine Emotions

Hello all,

Let me unfold a wonderful surprise. I proudly present my ‘first individual upcoming book as an independent author, Pristine Emotions‘. It will take you on a memorable journey of positivity and solace. Launching soon internationally.

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Fly High

Oh Almighty, let me spread my wings, so wide that they glide through the locks of air to soar me high on my path ahead.

The Innocently Powerful Prayer

Glowing Sunrise

“I bow to you and your supreme power.

Please brighten my body inside out and my aura similar to your brightness.

Let me be disciplined and dedicated to whatever work I take in my hands, just like you.

Sharpen my weapons- confidence, agility and courage like you do yours.

Hold my hand and guide me through the narrow and confusing maze to reach my goals.

Eliminate the roadblocks, negativity by burning, illuminate and clear my path with your rays.

Solitude and self dependence are the characteristics we have common, bless me to be like you, Oh mighty with all love and care inside you!

Kindly bestow me with your precious blessings to be like you, under you and for you”, prayed the little hands, long hair and innocent eyes.

Smiling Sun extending his blissful rays answered, “Amen!”

The silent morning says so…

It was around 3:52 AM in the morning when the light went out. I woke up with the irritating noise of fan running on inverter and decided to read something rather than sleeping again. I opened the doors and windows and switched off the fan. It was an absolute silence. This silence triggered the peace inside me. This reintroduced me to myself away from the crowd of my own thoughts. The silence outside established an absolute silence inside me. It rejuvenated my spirits.
By this time the clock hands crossed 4 o clock, I picked up a book and started reading.
Sometime later two birds were my company: the Cuckoos, telling me something. Their beautiful music brought in the happiness. They reminded me to halt rather than running in the mad race forgetting the present. They taught me how beautiful the life is when one just enjoys every moment around. How lovely it is to sing without being conscious! They taught me that every morning brings in new hopes, the opportunity of earning and living the day wholly. Let it be any circumstance, start with all your enthusiasm and positivity around.
And it was the time for the old mosque (located nearby) to pray its namaz. In this pin drop silence, with chirping of birds, I could hear the prayers. It reminded me the old times, the childhood, when the spirits were high and fear was absent. The courageous in childhood was replaced with the fears of the imaginary shortcomings. The carefree attitude was replaced by extra consciousness. How the relaxing calm mind with hopes was replaced by the stress in this mechanised world. 
Yes, even the morning, whispered something in silence. It reminded me to be childlike again and live the life rather than dragging it. How beautiful is the world outside and it is our right to enjoy each moment of this wonderful life. Our matured but carefree attitude is the key to counter all the drudgeries of modern life. It woke up the true self which was sleeping while pursuing the aims and objectives made by the society. It also taught me that meditation is not just sitting for some time but it’s that feeling of absolute silence which prevails effortlessly inside us. 
Yes, the silence of morning told me a lot that day and every day.