Development of Youth: Development of India (युवा विकास: भारत वर्ष का विकास)

Rare but found everywhere!

I am

Letter to Elders

Dear Age

Guru Purnima Regards

वो एहसास

चलो मेरे साथ…


Come with me,
Let's walk,
Through the lanes of your childhood.
Those days when you,
Were busy in entangled kite and the wires,
Sometimes as role playing of doctor of ants.
No worries or no complexities.
Only thing that was present,
Was mother 's loving lap,
And father's superficial scolding.
Today also, nothing has changed.
Come let's again get entangled,
Let's do some rounds of naughtiness.
So what, that I am your daughter?
When you will look attentively,
You will find mother 's love in me,
And while doing mistake,
You will get scolding like the father.
So tell me,
Should we again visit,
through the lanes of your childhood??