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Letter to 2020

Bhakti Movement: Societal Transformation through Literary Spiritualism

Sharing my write-up which was provided a space on the great platform of erudites. This is an article, “Bhakti Movement: Societal Transformation through Literary Spiritualism.”

This is written in the background of era of Bhakti Movement in India from 7th century to 19th century. It highlights the positive points of bhakti movement and whether they are still applicable in today’s or future world.

History, if read with no previous perceptions or judgements, always gifts a few take aways. These are the virtues and principles of sustenance for the society. Any society in this world, if makes a genuine notes of it’s and other society’s past, can manage and overcome the hardships, bottlenecks, the matters of conflict, the ill conditions, sufferings, times of danger, negative issues prevailing in society etc. in a better manner.

History was what was present, the present thoughts, results, solutions and possibilities of past human. History is just the reflection of thoughts.

It depends, if one learns from it and progress or just treat it as a dull, lifeless subject of no importance in present world. This will hold true till man lives. Great societies sustained as they assessed and learned from their past, adopted, modified and corrected in the present context.

Letter to Monsoon