She is….

She is:
The creator of life.
The destroyer of enemy, evil and negativities.
The protector of loved ones.
The owner of good vibes.
The facilitator of care and support.
A liaison who binds all in one thread. 
A motivator who uplifts everyone from deepest lows.
A beacon which shows the ray of light in darkness.
An absorber of all sufferings and pain.
A peace maker to cater deep understanding in family.
A troubleshooter who has a key for every problem.
A feeder for all, even if she is empty stomach.
A nurturer who showers her affection to all without bias.
A hope which keeps us alive and intact when there is no way out.
A forgiver of all mistakes.
A guide who shows right path to us.
A comforter whose lap gives peace nowhere else found.
A refuge where all sorrows end.
A secret keeper who is strongest than any vault.
A perfect adviser whose suggestions never fail.
A friend who is always by your side in need.
A collaborator in the path of your goals.
A healor of all sufferings and pain.
The power in front of which even the Gods surrender.
A blessing similar to the nature without which life is impossible. 
A statue of patience and unconditional love.

She is a Woman.

She is the MOTHER.

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