I Do Dream

Yes I am a human,
And I do dream.

Dream of success and happiness,
Dream to build a better tomorrow. 

A tomorrow with no worries,
Tomorrow build on exponential path.

But, path is uncertain and tough,
Path- the less or untravelled.

Untravelled roads are my life,
Untravelled journeys give a confidence.

Confidence at times get shattered, 
Confidence is questioned by own fears.

Fears of failures and falling back,
Fears of unknown future & mocking society. 

Society which gives free advice without asking, 
Society which has a book of own perceptions. 

Why? Why I need to confirm perceptions, 
Why I can't have my own ideas?

An idea which has a free spirit,
Idea which explores and unravel the truth.

Truth which is unbiased,
Truth- moved by dreams and desires.

A desire to prove myself,
Desire which is pure and intoxicating. 

Intoxicating so that I overcome my fears,
Intoxicating so that I may not loose focus.

Focus to aim, prepare, stand and hit,
Focus to trust thyself and be headstrong. 

Headstrong to not succumb to adversity, 
Headstrong to rise again when none believes.

Belief- an ingredient at times missing, 
Belief vanishes when in fear and self-doubt.

Self-doubt, a boulder in success,
Self-doubt- an enemy of human.

Yes I am a human who fears,
But also a human who is proud.

Proud of own dreams and hidden potentials,
Proud of experiences learned from failures,
Proud of observing life of austerity and adventure, 
Proud of passing through the zigzag maze,
Proud of being a self built warrior,
Proud to shape own future and shine again.

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