A Tribute to Mr. Irfan Khan

India lost one of the true gem today. He was not only a brilliant, polished actor but also a great and humble human being. He got numerous awards namely Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honour for his contribution to the field of arts in 2011 and many others like National Film Award, Filmfare Awards etc. He was Mr. Irfan Khan.

I wouldn’t go into his personal details rather would like to write from the perspective of a fan, an admirer who observes and learns from him and his life. Today, my first reaction to the news of his passing away was a shock. I was aghast and sorrowful. Thereafter still engrossed in this state, some thoughts came into my mind as if Mr. Khan himself was enlightening me with few takeaways just as he used to communicate via his movies.

Time: Is it precious?

He was 53 and is no more at such a young age. It is saddest thing. But what should we learn from this? He exhibited how to live, invest and enjoy each moment of life.

I wrote “live” and “enjoy” as he was the person who never used to spread his sufferings to others. He always laughed out loud and cracked jokes in order to manage and maintain smile and happiness in the lives of people.

I even wrote “invest“. It is because its true that he had less time to perform on the stage of life. Yet, he bought each moment of that drama. He worked hard with full dedication, investing and utilizing each second constructively.

We must learn this quality. Why to be anxious and remorse about what future do we have or how much life we have or how much uncertainty is there in the life to come? Just live this moment, give your 100 percent to this very moment. There must not be the repentance of even a single second like “had we put a little more effort, things would have been different.” As I always say life is a blessing by the Almighty to us. We are special that we are born as humans. Then why to waste such a precious gift?

Perseverance and Positive Mindset

Mr. Irfan khan wanted to be a cricketer but due to some reasons he couldn’t (heard). In the year 1988, he starred a small role in a movie named, “Salaam Bombay!” But he got his breakthrough after starring in movie “The Warrior” in 2001.

No, I am not saying that in between these years, there was no good work done by him. I am sure there might be. But what I am trying to highlight is, it could not be a cake walk for him. He was a man with normal looks, not a celebrity looks for sure. He was also not a person with some support in Bollywood industry, I guess. Yet he not only survived but thrived and shone. He must have gone through many highs and lows, failures and successes. But this man who walked confidently through the narrow lane of failures leaped to the apex of success and fame. All due to his positive attitude and never say never attitude.

His constant pursuit led him to perform in both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. He did the challengable roles, the roles which were not an easy tasks to do.

And so, today he is amongst the top well acclaimed actors.

How many of us embrace our failures, learn from them and walk again? How many of us stand again after a fall? For those who do, don’t worry for sure one day life will present you all awards for your positive journey.

Dedication: Do we have

Mr. Khan’s dedication as we have already seen above, that how committed he was for his work.

Let us visualize his last days. He was detected cancer in the year 2018. He underwent his treatment for the same. He was a born fighter. He was fighting with this disease. While he was having treatment, he had to come back to India to complete one of his movie named, “Angrezi Medium”. He was going through chemotherapy during the days of shooting. He was a great actor, he could have denied it. But not only he completed his movie. He also maintained his humourous, casual habit of making fun and spreading laughter for free within his vicinity.

We bother about our small pains and sufferings, relentlessly discuss and feel why we are the ones suffering! Instead try to be like him. World is already full of sorrows. Why not to share love, care and joy even if we ourselves are at pain. Pain subsides when we pass on smiles to others. For sometime we forget the pain and enjoy our life while making others happy. Try to do that someday and feel the pleasure and inner satisfaction.

We learned many virtues from this man of big heart. He was a great actor and has for sure enlisted his name in the book of golden names. His presence will surely be missed today and in future. But the best tribute to him will be to enlighten the virtues of this man inside each of us. And this thing applies to anyone who has gone far from us. If we wish to pay tribute to such a dear person, imbibe his or her good qualities and live a quality and motivating life of which that person would feel proud of!

Mr. Irfan Khan, the whole world will miss you. A gem has shifted his abode on earth to the home of Almighty! May your soul rest in peace!

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