Perfect Time To Invest

With the current situation of lockdown going on, most of us are enclosed in the boundaries of our respective homes. It becomes a question sometimes how to pass the time. But, this is the perfect time to invest in one thing so as to ripe huge benefits in future. That thing is “Relationships”.

Due to our busy routines and hectic schedules it has been rather difficult to manage the time for our relationships in the modern era. The cost of upgradation of our lifestyles and monetary status is somewhere paid by our dear ones.

We being at home can now manage and maintain this genre in a refined manner. But, not all are living together under one roof. Broadly speaking there are two types of relationships:

People living together

  1. Parents and their children:

The young parents are sometimes unable to give proper time to their child. This results in complicated child psychology viz growing feeling of loneliness, agression, anger, lack of adjustment, possessive nature and increasing intolerance.

Spend time with your kids, be a part of their lives this time. It is good for elders also to become childlike again. Know your child, be his or her friend, guide the little one with love, brush up his or her skills etc. This will help them to be a sorted out person. Also it will relax you and will lit innocent joy inside you again. Let your children spend more time with real people than virtual humans or friends in mobiles and televisions.

Often the time spent between parents and their children reduces as we age due to complexities of life. Our parents become alone when they need us the most. They suffer from extreme loneliness and sadness and thus become old early. They miss their children and want an ear to listen their meaningful or not so meaningful talks, a helping hand in their activities, a support to feel safe during illness, a cushion to absorb their increasing rigidity and stubbornness.

Also we, the children living miles apart due to our studies and work, miss living with the dear parents. This void can be filled today.

2. Relationship between couples:

In a similar scenario of busy schedules, the partners (husband wife or live-in couples) are unable to spend the precious loving time with each other. The plans are missed, so the memorable dates. The relationship becomes boring and dull. There is no freshness left. This results in increasing stress, quarrels and negativity, replacing the love and positivity between them.

To retain that spark it’s necessary to know the other person. And this learning is a continuous process, the moods, manners and likings are continuously modifying. Thus, spend time to know the partner in their respective spaces, learn to adapt with few things which you may not personally like, give surprises sometimes doing what your partner likes, understand how to manage the differences in the best possible manner and the best thing is just talk, talk, listen, listen, listen, this is the remedy to remain happy, just talk less and listen more.

Tenporary long distance relationships (due to present scenario)

Not all are living together under one roof during this time. There are few couples and lovebirds (boyfriends and girlfriends) not by the side of each other. They are not able to spend time together. Time is not the same for them as earlier. But, this time and distance is also letting you to check the depth of your relation and what’s the role of other person in your life. This situation will perfectly measure the trust and dedication of partners when not together. Living distance apart allows the partner to know whether they are bound by serious thread of love.

Also, each one of us have our individual lives. Living together or meeting frequently often makes the partners to loose this individuality. It is necessary to live both the individual as well as mutual life simultaneously, and not to invade the personal space every time. Agree, that this relation is a special one but not at the cost of other relationships. Each relation has a special role and place in a person’s life. When this is understood, there is more sync and harmony between the partners. But here also, there is a key. The advent of technology is a boon here. Be connected just like real but virtually. Give space and better learn about other person.

So in a way for all, there is a way to improvise any relationship. If you see positive, you will get positive. Live, laugh, learn and buy this time to earn more in your respective relationships.

All the best!

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