Decide, what you want?

It’s been more than three months approximately and the whole world is still trying to combat a pandemic crisis. Time has been tough and challenging for us. Sometimes it feels like time has stopped.

But time is a great healer. With each day passing on, it is significant that we will succeed. After all each dark night is followed by a bright morning. We must hold our hopes tighter. It’s natural to fear, it’s okay to loose courage, but be like a warrior and rise again. Your fear and lows must not pull you deep down, but you must take a flight to the high sky.

I believe that every situation or exposure teaches us the golden rules of life. This global crisis is also providing us few learnings which if are adopted can make a better tomorrow.

Humans, with the aid of technology off lately started taking things for granted especially the nature and it’s other factors. If we analyze the past few years, the nature has been warning us by some natural calamities like forest fires, sea upsurge, uneven climate and rains, rising extreme temperatures, high levels of pollution etc. But we have adapted to a habit of ignoring small signs of warning. Why? Because we somewhere believe that we are sufficiently powerful to deal with anything. Nature for humans was a thing at their disposal. We forgot that we beings were a part of nature and not it’s owners. We must respect it and live in harmony, instead we exploited nature and our fellow beings devastatingly.

So, with a very microscopic creature named Coronavirus, nature has reminded us about our role on Earth. It showed that no matter how many weapons we manufacture or advancements are done in technology, we still are the part with limited powers.

The result is for the past few months, humans are caged in open prisons called homes and nature and its fellow beings are out in open. The highly ambitious human is having only one desire – to survive today. All our luxuries and so called needs and demands are curtailed to having basic necessities along with food availability for today.

With handful of humans living in their prescribed circles, we can see: clean water bodies, presence of dolphins on shores of water bodies globally, wildlife easily roaming around in forests and sometimes in cities, Olive Ridleys on eastern shores of India, balanced air quality, clean localities with little plastics, vibrant visual of sky and stars at night, greenery all around, chirping of birds instead of noise of rushing vehicles etc. Only a few days of we being underground, these changes are visible.

But the question is have we learned something from this? Have we understood that we are not the masters of Earth? Did you realize that humans are tiny creatures, similar to others for nature. Nature was always most powerful, it still is and will always be. We took it lightly but if it will take us lightly anyday, it will be a fraction of second before we get invisible.

Learn to have mutual symbiotic relationships and respect for nature and its players. In Indian mythology and prayers, before any auspicious event we take the permission from nature. We recognise that if there is a will of nature, we can proceed and not vice versa.

We still are living when chained inside the walls of our homes. It signifies that mad race of humans never had a real destination but a virtual, man made goal image. Survival still is possible with peace and harmony all around. Respect, if we give then we will get. Otherwise we have seen the trailer, I am sure none of us want to see the whole movie. Decide, whether we wish to be blissful survivors or destroyers of our human race.

Do live happily and let others (nature and it’s other species) also be happy. That’s the one and only way for the whole human race to enjoy it’s freedom and space for centuries.

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