Cherish Each Moment!

My life’s philosophy:

Cherish all moments of your life starting from the minutest to the biggest one. Not everyone gets a chance to have all the good times. We often lament for what we don’t have in our lives, ignoring the tiny happy moments or successes. This results in our dual loss- one repenting for what we never had and two loosing out the present happiness.

Often, we compare our lives with others. We find that other person is having all good in his or her life in comparison to ours.

Try and understand that even that person may be having the downside in his or her life. It may be the case that the person doesn’t show or the other side isn’t visible.

Remember, you are unique. You are one personality on this earth. The fact that you are born as a human being on this earth is in itself a great blessing. You are special firstly for yourself, then for your creator and lastly for those who care for you. Identify yourself, be grateful for the life and its good parts or times.

May be the happiness or good moments which you are living and taking for granted, someone might not be getting!

So if you are having one good moment in your life, feel blessed and the most luckiest person to get it. Just enjoy that moment with the open heart to its fullest like a child.

This lifestyle will have one more benefit for the person. Living this way will in turn be your lifetime memory and act like a healer in your lows. You can remind and motivate yourself by remembering the good moments. An instant inner hope and love inside your heart at that very moment of grief will overpower the suffering. This feeling will elevate and uplift you drastically by giving strength to regain and confidently saying again to yourself, “I am back!”

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