Reflection on the eve of Martyr’s day

Some college friends were chatting amongst themselves. They all started a game where each one had to define “modernity aspects” in their life.

There were numerous viewpoints of modernity ranging from shopping brands, having stylish phones, using slangs, doing adventures, getting drunk, having numerous relationships, nuclear families, increasing divorces and break-ups, exploring new places, being loud mouthed, having short temper, maintaining a classy lifestyle, intolerance etc.

There were few more opinions like being educated, application of knowledge, having healthy lifestyle, better jobs etc.

One answer surprised everyone in the group. A simple minded girl said, “The aspects of modernity in her life are having patience, relaxed mind, very less anger, no shouts or slangs or foul words in language, tolerance towards others, respect for all humans, animals and nature, employing knowledge in life, stepping in other’s shoes and understanding their life, non aggressive and non-violent debates, even if the opponents are howling at the top of their voices, dedicated and trustworthy relationships, healthy lifestyle, no alcoholism etc, taking adventures, having fun and enjoying every part of life.”

There was an absolute silence. Everyone in the room was aghast with her points. Ultimately out of curiosity and restlessness, one of her dear friend asked, “Don’t you feel that’s not modernity but boring old fashioned pattern of living?”

“Who defined it?”, asked the girl.

Her highly impatient friend now said,” Everyone does the opposite these days. These characteristics are no longer practiced or applicable. They are dead now.”

“No, they aren’t. It’s just people have started blindly following what everyone else is doing, without understanding whether that thing is necessary or not. We humans are behaving as per others perception. Shout, cheat, be angry because that shows one is courageous. Have drinks, maintain many non serious relationships because that shows how cool one is. Maintain brands, classy lifestyle or speak slangs or foul words, tell lies every second for no reason, be egoist, do not respect others as all this signify high status and superior attitude. This is the reality. We have to be broad minded and analytical. Understanding real meaning of quality modern life is absolutely necessary”, replied the innocent girl.

To her amazement, her dear friend asked, “But how can one with less temper, being patient, soft spoken, having less arguments, maintaining low pitch be modern?”

“Just have a look around yourself. What do you find? People are stressed, full of anger, hurt, sad, shattered, extremely impatient etc. They aren’t relaxed and calm. Style, class, status are exhibited when fewer individuals practice it amongst many. When individuals are few and different, they outshine. How many people have you seen happy inside-out, soft spoken, social and successful but not egoist, intelligent but not arrogant, efficient non-violent debators etc? Handful right! So, who is having higher standards? It’s pretty difficult and adventurous to be calm and pleasing person among shouting, fighting, lying, arrogant dark images. That’s why it’s stylish to be different”, answered the naive girl.

Her friend asked, “Two final queries, how can one imbibe these qualities? And secondly, can one sustain in modern society with these attributes?”

The simple girl with a broad smile said,” It’s very easy to imbibe. Just keep your eyes and focus on judging yourself rather than others. Criticize and correct yourself. Introspect, change, grow and work upon yourself each day. Compete with yourself to overcome lures and wrong habits. Each individual on this Earth has a positive point, start searching for that very point, try and understand other’s life, respect and tolerate relationships as you are also tolerated by others. It’s a mutual effort to be happier. Spread smiles for free, people need it.

And for the second question will these characteristics sustain in present societies. Yes of course, it will perfectly shine and succeed. These are the golden gems of all time. These characteristics were established and made to sustain in any era. Do you know we celebrate 30th January as Martyr’s day in India. It’s the death anniversary of the great Mahatma Gandhi. You know why he is called great because he helped India to achieve its freedom on the foundation pillar of unity and non violence. These characteristics do not make one dumb and exposed. Rather these give a person valuable insights to surpass any blocks or situations. The ones who practice it become more learned and proactive, becoming a brighter people with sharper minds.

Lets now become modern in real sense of the word.

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