Live and Enjoy “the life”

A conversation between the soul and brain

Once brain was idle and so it noticed the existence of one, other than itself and it was the soul. Yes, during all these years, the brain was so engrossed in itself, that hardly it paid any attention to this existence.

Brain: Hey buddy, who are you? How come you are here?

Soul: Finally you noticed! What a great day! Let me introduce myself, I am Soul, I am also one of the important part of the body in which you live.

Brain: Okay, is it so. I am amazed I never saw you. So, what’s your work? I am sure you must be having some meagre work, that’s why couldn’t notice you.

Soul: (laughing) That’s the sad fact. Both of us share very important position and work. You, being the brain, is the master and controller of man’s physical, psychological and emotional well being from the day he is born till his death. A big task I must say! And as you say I have a very little role? I am responsible for your existence, before you were born and will be there beyond your existence. I am also responsible for man’s spiritual well-being. In short, I am the one who empowers you to complete your duties.

Brain was astonished and speechless. By this time it was taken aback. It could barely believe that even its existence is depended and mastered by someone else. But it could never feel the authority, hold, pressure and no egoistic boss (as the brain itself was).

Brain: Am I dreaming? I hope you are not joking, right?

Soul: No in both cases (replied peacefully)

Brain: So, why we never conversed?

Soul: It’s because you were have been self engrossed. You think that you are so powerful that you have everything or anything in your tight control. And it is not a case that we never conversed. Do you remember all your mistakes, wrong decisions or ill-doings? (Humbly replied)

Brain: Yes, I do. My memory is my power. I keep an account of each and everything.

Soul: Then you must also be remembering that feeble voice having suggestions and corrections in all the above cases.

Brain: Let me think. Oh yes, I do remember. That meek pitched, once a time suggestions. Yes, yes now I remember. Those responses came just for few initial seconds and later vanished. But I agree that they were correct for most of the time. Wait….was is it you all that time?

Soul: Yes, it was me (Smilingly).

Brain: And yet you aren’t angry. You never ever shouted on me. Are you not mad on me? Still you are so calm and composed. I am feeling a different kind of serenity and peacefulness all around myself while conversing with you and it’s for the first time. Look at you, you are so balanced and young, no dullness, frailness, no wrinkles. How is it possible?

Soul: Let me answer all your queries.

  • I never get angry or anxious. That’s not my characteristic. I am always balanced and live the middle lifestyle, not very excited nor dropped due to anything. My work was to check you whenever you were wrong. I know you are quite responsible and perform your duties really well. So, I spoke whenever you needed me. But due to yours little weakness of ego, you always ignored my voice.
  • Calmness and serenity, everything is due to the fact that for the first time you are living at present moment. You are not worried about past or planning about future. You are just enjoying this very moment. This is our aura and it’s power is this peace. Whenever you will be relaxed, happy without any reason, in present moment, you will feel this bliss. It’s your energy!
  • Last but not the least, reason behind my youthfulness even at such an old age is as explained above, I enjoy my life. Of course planning is little bit necessary. But it’s not your life. Life is way beyond that. Life has facets, where we often slip from our present to past or future. It’s just we need to recollect ourselves and again remind ourselves to be in present, be whatsoever circumstances are.
  • Tell me, what’s the use of being angry. It’s just when you become angry, things fall apart more. More mistakes are done. There is chaos and confusion everywhere. You do your own loss such as extremely chemical reactions takes place, our organs are damaged, our blood is burnt excessively. In a business man’s term, it’s a total loss!
  • Instead enjoy every moment of your life. You are blessed this life. Being the human brain, you are bestowed this wonderful opportunity.
  • Spread love open heartedly. Be humble. Be realistic but also believe in imagination and do dream. Meet new people cheerfully. Be confident about yourself, your capabilities. Explore yourself. Learn new things. Take full breaths. Enjoy whatever meal you are given. Be thankful to howsoever conditions, you are living in. Be both thoughtful and thoughtless. Wait for the right person or place or time or opportunity patiently. Look around yourself. Rise way above I, me and myself; observe and feel life of others, their problems; step in their shoes and you will know that you are in far better situation. Be proud of your bodytype, colour, race etc; introspect as much as you can. Travel the world. Help those in need. Respect the nature, the flora and fauna. Be thankful to the Almighty for this life.

Just spread your wings and fly. Start living truly. Laugh wholeheartedly. Live in present!

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